For Weddings       Wedding cake top / keepsakes

 Following items are you might consider using as keepsales for your bridal shower, engagement party or at your wedding, etc. Our original creations are available and can be found only from this web site. We customize them to match your theme color/colors, as well as custom wedding announcement on labels.


---- Wedding Cake Top ----

tcaketop4.jpg  tcake2.jpg  

round base size, 5" diameter 

 Origami Crane wedding cake top: We customize each crane of your color choice. Each crane will represent bride & groom and placed together for eternity. They are made of casting resin for breakproof & permanent display. See more Origami crane


 ---- Wedding Keepsakes ----

tswan1.jpg  tgiftwrap.jpg  

box size, 2"h x 2"d x 2"w    Photo right, In a gift bow with/without giftwrap.

 Swan & Heart: Our original design "Swan & Heart" representing a swan who found her eternal love. A crystal glass like swan on a lake - blue colored sugar - with a heart. We customize colors of the heart (pink, purple, lavender, etc) and the lake (deep blue, light blue, clear, turqoise, etc). 

$9.95 each/Giftwrap   *Delivery only.


     tMiniCrane2.jpg  tbox1.jpg 

box size, 2"h x 2"d x 2"w 

photo left: Mini Origami Crane in Clear, photo right: Mini Origami Cranes in box.

  Mini Origami Crane keepsakes: Our latest creation is mini size origami crane great for keepsakes. It is nearly half the size of our original custom crane. There are 12 colors that you can choose from. See more Origami crane


t4.jpg  tgiftwrap.jpg 

box size, 2.5"h x 3.5"w

Kanji Letters:  Send message with Japanese Kanji Letter ! Each Kanji has own special meanings, shown here on left is Love and one in a giftwrap is Peace. There are 12 different letters available. We customize Kanji to match your favite colors.   See more Kanji Letters

t8colors.jpg  t3packages.jpg 

box size, 2"h x 2"d x 2"w   

 Fortune Candy: Would you like to have something very unique & special ? Colorful Fortune Candies are such eye-catching item that you must have & they are fun !   We customize the color of Fortune Candy that matches your wedding theme color.   See more Fortune Candy


tallcolors.jpg   tgiftwrap.jpg 

box size, 3.5"h x 5"w

 Butterfly: Endless colors of rainbow in elegant butterfly wings. These beautiful butterflies are sure to please both adults and children alike.   See more Butterfly


tseashells3.jpg  tseashellpk.jpg 

box size, 2"h x 2"d x 2"w 

Seashell:  Realistic seashells are an ideal item for Ocean theme weddings/parties. We customize seashells to match your favite colors, or even glass like - transparant - ones.   See more Seashell


t6mix1.jpg  tpackage.jpg 

box size, 2"h x 2"d x 2"w 

Chile Peppers: Those who loves hot and spicy, these realistic Habanero Chile Pepper candies are surprise gift. There are even seeds inside ! (tiny caramel rice crispies)     See more Chile Peppers

tBamboo1.jpg  tgiftwrap.jpg 

box size, 2.5"h x 3.5"w

Japanese Designs:   They are from traditional Japanese nature designs that can be seen in wall papers, kimono, and Ukiyo-e, etc. There are 8 designs to choose from.  See more Japanese Designs


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