Sushipop  /  Easter egg  /  Cherry flower  /  Sea shell  /  Butterfly.

---- Sushi (sushipop) ----

t8sushipop.jpg   8 varieties of Sushipops   tsalmon.jpg Salmon

When speaking of Japan, probably "Sushi" is one of top 3 things that comes to mind, other than "Geisha" and "Mt. Fuji". Nearly all U.S. cities have Japanese/Asian restaurants serving sushi on their menu, so it is safe to say that Sushi has gained citizenship and here to stay!

Sushipops make a great conversation piece & gift !

We make colorful sushi lollipops - sushipops - out of candy. There are so many kinds of sushi out there, we chose from the most popular 8 sushi - from left, photo above - Fatty tuna belly (Toro), Squid (Ika), Herring roe (Kazunoko), Yellow tail (Hamachi), Salmon (Sake), Egg omlet (Tamago), Halibut (Hirame) and Tuna (Maguro).

Sushipop:   Tamago $2.95 each   rest of all $2.45 each      inquiry/order


---- Easter egg ----

tEastereggs2.jpg   tYellow1.jpg   tBlue1.jpg   tGreen1.jpg   tOragne1.jpg   

Easter egg lollipops: Adapted from the extravagantly bejeweled eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge (1846-1920) for the Russian Imperial Court, our crystall glass like lollipop make an elegant addition to any Easter party. Each colorful round dot on the lollipop - as if it appears like a jewel - is individually hand placed.  Colors of eggs are: Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple & Red.

Faberge style Easter egg lollipop: $3.95 each    inquiry/order


---- Cherry Flower ----


Cherry flower lollipops:  A lovely Cherry Flower is carved into a cherry petal-shaped lollipop, comes in many colors.

Cherry flower lollipops: $2.25 each     inquiry/order


---- Sea Shell ----


Sea shell lollipop:  Various shapes of sea shells come in many different colors. Each shell is gently placed on a sandy appearance of round candy.

Sea Shell lollipop: $2.95 each     inquiry/order


---- Butterfly ----

t3colors.jpg t4pops1.jpg 

Butterfly lollipop: left, single colored.    right, bicolored.

These butterfly lollipops will add great excitement for your Brithday, Bridal shower, or Wedding keepsakes! A lovely butterfly is on a lollipop stick. As you see in the photos above, the left photo shows Single colored butterflies.

If you would like butterflies to be extra colorful, the right photo shows Mixed colored butterflies. We offer you to select two of your favorite colors.

Butterfly lollipop:   Single color $2.45 each   Bicolor $2.95 each     inquiry/order




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