Our latest creations are "illuminations/light up". They will light up from inside the sugar creation. A small light bulb will slowly change colors from yellow, blue, and red in endless cycles. It will light up for several hours. They are just right for your Weddings and V.I.P Dinner parties.

tlantern2.jpg    tgreen.jpg  tblue.jpg  tred.jpg

Moroccan Lantern: size, 4.5" h x 3" w x 3" d        As a table top accent for each guest, dessert plate/buffet table decoration, or guest room ammenity,etc... usages are endless. Whenever you need special presentation, adding memorable eye catching effect that is both amazing and beautiful.

Moroccan Lantern: $29.95 each  Light w/ battery $1.50 each         inquiry/order

tgreenandwhite.jpg     ttreegreen.jpg  ttreeblue.jpg  ttreepuple.jpg  ttreered.jpg

3D Christmas tree: size 5" h x 2.5" d   These Christmas trees are the most festive and popular item when Christmas comes around. As yoy see, there are countless colorful sugar ornments all around the tree. A yellow shiny star is on top of the tree. 3D tree comes in green or clear (frost).  When illuminated from inside, you can enjoy multipul colors changing smoothly in endless cycles. (up to several hours per pair of batteries)  

Christmas tree: $9.95 each  Light w/ battery $1.50 each         inquiry/order


---- Illuminations for other idea ----

t2007.jpg   Happy New Year 2007:  sphere size, 2.5" d x 2" h      This special sugar creation was designed for a New Year's Eve dinner party. A clear sugar sphere is placed on a white sugar disk, and decorated with colorful mini stars and dots. A number "2007" can be any color, red, blue, yellow, etc and placed on top of the shpere.    

tDragon2.jpg    Dragon: This is a custom order as a surprise gift for special someone. The illuminating sphere will add romantic & magical moments to the Dragon, creature of Fantasy.


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