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                 -----  12 Japanese Kanji Letters -----

           It is a great idea for your Party favor, Bridal shower, & Wedding Keepsakes !

         It is believed that origin of Chinese characters comes from pictographs thousands of years ago. They have changed and developed into present-day shapes, therefore each letter represents specific meanings.

         t10.jpg  t11.jpg  t12.jpg  t2.jpg  t3.jpg 

             from left: Fortune, Commit, Peace, Spirit, Achieve, and Flourish

             Japanese Kanji are the Chinese characters that are used & modified in the modern Japanese       logographic writing system along with hiragana and katakana. Each Kanji has a few, sometimes several diffrent pronunciations.

                t4.jpg   t5.jpg   t6.jpg   t7.jpg   t8.jpg   t9.jpg

            from left: Love, Beauty, Believe, Welcome, Eternal, and Heart            Size 2.25" x 2.25"     Your choice colors

            We selected the 12 most popular Kanji letters. In the belief that those who carry each letter will be granted his/her wish.

               tbox.jpg  tboxes.jpg  tgiftwrap.jpg   Box size: 3.5" w x 2.5" h

           Each Kanji letter is attractivly presented in a clear gift box.  If you would like a more impressive presentation, "Giftwrap" is also availabe for you. Each Kanji is placed in a long sleeve bag with elegant ribbons shown in the photo above on the right.

               Japanese Kanji letters: Box only $4.95 each     Giftwrap $5.95 each      inquiry/order



           -----  8 Japanese Traditional Designs -----

           A delight for anyone interested in Japanese art and culture, nature drawings are particularly unique, capturing not only the esence of animals and plants with a few brush storkes, but also displaying - with marvelous precision and ingenuity - the most intricate patterns on a wide array of sufaces.

               tBamboo.jpg  tCarp.jpg  tCherry.jpg  tCrane.jpg  tGeese.jpg  tIris.jpg  tPine.jpg  tPlum.jpg

           from left: Bamboo, Carp, Cherry blossoms, Crane, Geese, Iris, Pine, and Plum.   We selected the 8 most familiar nature designs that are asociated with celebrations & longevity, etc as seen here.

           It is a great idea for your Party favor & Wedding Keepsakes !

            tBamboo1.jpg  tbox.jpg  tboxes.jpg  tgiftwrap.jpg   Box size: 3.5" w x 2.5" h

            Each Japanese Design is attractivly presented in a clear gift box.  If you would like a more impressive presentation, "Giftwrap" is also available for you. Each design is placed in a long sleeve bag with elegant ribbons shown in the photo on the right.

                Japanese traditional designs:  Box only $4.95 each     Giftwrap $5.95 each      inquiry/order


      -----  Cherry Blossoms  -----

            When Spring has arrived, there will be many flowers open everywhere; Tulips, Daffodiles, Forsythia, Andromeda, etc. Among them, the Cherry Blossom is the most favored flower in Japan. There will be many festivals celebrating Spring under fully bloomed Cherry Blossoms. This new item was created especially for the 25th Cherry Bloosom Festival, in April of 2006 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY.

            tblue.jpg tgreen.jpg tyellow.jpg tclear.jpg tpurple.jpg

            Cherry Blossoms: various color combinations between blossoms and background. Size, 4" w x 3" h  White, pink & red flowers are arranged on a branch, then placed on a colorful background. 

                  Cherry Blossoms: Box only $9.95 each     Giftwrap $10.95 each      inquiry/order

          *Free Wedding Announcement, Happy Birthday + name, Custom Messages (Thank you, Congratulations, etc) can be printed on a label and placed on the back of "Cherry Blossoms" board without any extra fee.  


-----  Cherry Flower Lollipops  -----

Cherry flower lollipops make a great conversation piece & gift!

 tpops.jpg       Cherry flower lollipops

              A lovely Cherry Flower is carved into a cherry petal-shaped lollipop, and comes in many colors.

 Cherry flower lollipops: $2.25 each     inquiry/order


       -----  Ukiyo-e  -----

              Ukiyo-e is the Japanese art of woodblock prints, from the seventeenth century, "Edo Period" (1600 -1868). Ukiyo-e means "Pictures of the floating world". They depicted Kabuki actors, beautiful women at the beginning. Later, Ukiyo-e artists started depicting scenes of travel & nature.

                  Hokusai is best known for his "Thirty-Six Views of Mt.Fuji" and his "Great Wave" (below, left photo) is the most famous work in the series.    Middle: Red Fuji  Right: Mount Fuji in Summer / Black Fuji 

              wave.jpg  fujired.jpg  fujiblack.jpg  

Original Ukiyo-e print by Hokusai

In addition, Ukiyo-e had great influence over Western art in the late 19th century, such artists are Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Klimt, etc. Ukiyo-e remains a Japanese cultural identity to this day, and can be seen as a fine design incorporated with modern living.

               ---- Ukiyo-e made entirely of sugar ----

               tgreatwaves.jpg    tredfuji.jpg  tlightning.jpg   Size 2.5" h x 4" w

               As you see in the photos above, we incorporate the design of the famous ukiyo-e designs over a thin sheet of sugar. Each sugar Ukiyo-e is then carefully colored. The result gives the apperance of stained glass with vivid color contrast. These one of a kind and unique products are great addition to your gift or keepsakes and a sure way to impress your guests at a Japanese/Asia theme party.

               Ukiyo-e: $7.95 each. Presented in a clear gift box.                          inquiry/order

              *Free Wedding Announcement, Happy Birthday + name, Custom Messages (Thank you, Congratulations, etc) can be printed on a label and placed on the back of "Ukiyo-e" board without any extra fee.  


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