When Easter has arrived you can see colorful flowers open outside everywhere! Why not add some colorful sweets inside of your home, too? We feature our Easter Bunny, and 2 Tulips inside of the egg-shaped sugar shell.  Eggs are light pastel Easter colors.

t6eggs.jpg  tblue.jpg  tyellow.jpg  tpink.jpg

Easter Eggs:  A bunny in a egg. Assorted colors. Size, 3.5" h x 3" d

Easter egg: $14.95 each           inquiry/order     *Delivery only


tEastereggs1.jpg  tGreen1.jpg  tEastereggs3.jpg

Easter egg lollipops: Each egg reminds you of the famous Faberge's jewelry eggs. see lollipops.

 Easter  Lollipop: $3.95 each        inquiry/order 

t3bunnies.jpg  t3bunnies2.jpg  teaster.jpg  

Bunnies & Easter flowers size: 2.5" h x 2" w   

 We offer a small & simple version of Bunny Mini Display and colorful Tulips & Calla lily as seen a photo below. Flower's stems are lollipop sticks. Each Easter Bunny is accompanied by 2 Tulips & egg shaped background.

These mini decorations are a delightful treat, when placed on top of a cake or arranged with dessert plate for a stunning Easter presentation ! 

Bunny Mini Display: $6.95 each *Delivery only

Tulips on stick: $4.95 each,  Calla lily on stick: $0.95 each. inquiry/order


   t2tulips2.jpg  ttulips.jpg  t2tulips1.jpg    

Large Tulip size: 5.5" h


Mini Tulip size: 2" h. 

Large Tulip: $8.95 each,  Mini Tulip: $3.95 each     inquiry/order     *Delivery only


In addition, there are large Rabbits with shiny clear red eyes.


Rabbits  size: 4" h x 2" w x 4.5" long    

They are great addtion to your dessert buffet station ! 

      Rabbit: $8.95 each        inquiry/order     *Delivery only



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