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Our original sugar creation, inspired by real Monarch butterflies.


---- Cake Butterfly  ----

Beautiful & Elegant butterflies on your Wedding cake.

 toncake1.jpg  Butterflies on wedding cake      tweddingcake.jpg  (Left photo: by Katrina June 2006)

 The photos above show the wonderful idea of using butterflies to decorate your wedding cake. We offer butterflies ready to put on a wedding cake. The following photos are a Blue & Green Cake Butterfly with lollipop-sticks at 4 different view points.

 tstick1.jpg  tstick2.jpg  tstick3.jpg  toncake3.jpg     

Butterfly Size: 2.5" H x 3.75" W

  Cake Butterfly is fast & easy.  Simply press it in.

 2 lollipop sticks (about 2.5 inch long) are placed underneath the body of the butterfly insuring its postition on the cake. 2 sticks are necessary so that the butterfly does not turn upside down, securing it's position on the wedding cake. The last picture above (far right) shows the butterfly is inserted in the cake halfway through. There is a removable thin silver foil attached under each wing so that the icing won't touch the wings. It helps keep moisture in the icing away from wings. In addition, it keeps iridescent appearance of the butterfly. We customize color/colors of the butterfly according to your theme color of your wedding.

 Green & Pink Butterfly for Wedding Cake  Orange & Purple Butterfly for Wedding Cake  Purple & Blue Buttefly for Wedding Cake  Reg & Green Butterfly for Wedding Cake  Turquoise & Green Butterfly for Wedding Cake  Yellow & Red Butterfly for Wedding Cake

 It is a great idea placing a butterfly on a cup cake or an individual dessert plate for an outstanding presentation.

 Cake Butterfly: Bi-colored $7.95 each.  Single color $7.45 each. 

inquiry/order  Shipped by UPS Ground / USPS Priority Mail, etc 



---- Butterfly Lollipops ----

Butterfly lollipops are great idea for your Brithday & Baby Shower ! 

 t3colors.jpg  Single colored butterflies      t4pops1.jpg   Bi-colored butterflies

These are lovely single colored and bi-colored butterfly lollipops. On the left are the single colored butterflies and on the right the bi-colored butterfly lollipops.  The bi-colored lollipops shown here are combination of 2 colors: Yellow & Red, Purple & Blue, Pink & Yellow, and Yellow & Green.

We will match color/colors of butterfies to your theme color of the event. Please tell us two of your favorite colors when you order and we will color the butterfly lollipops according to your color preferences. 


Colorful assortment of butterfly lollipops 

Do you want to have a large variety of colors in your butterfly lollipop order? Then leave it to us, and we'll make it in an assortment of mixed colors. All you need is to simply tell us how many lollipops you want, and you'll receive it in a mix of bicolored butterflies.

Each butterfly lollipop is individually wrapped in a clear bag with "Butterfly Lollipop" written on the label.

Butterfly lollipop: Single color $2.45 each.    Bi-color $2.95 each.      inquiry/order

*Free Wedding Announcement, Happy Birthday + name Custom Messages (Thank you, Congratulations, etc) can be printed on a label.



----Butterfly Keepsakes / Party Favors ----

Beautiful, richly colored, lifellike butterflies will sure to delight your guests !   


Butterfly: in a rainbow of butterfly colors.    Butterfly Size: 2.5" H x 3.75" W

The butterflies as seen in the photo above are made out of sugar. Color combinations come in many different designs. They are reminiscent of crystal / stained glass, their eye-catching color combinations are as delightful to look at as they are accurate. Each butterfly comes in Black trims on the wings. Other colors also are available are Blue or Red. 

 tB1.jpg tB2.jpg tB9.jpg tB6.jpg tB10.jpg tredyellow.jpg

These stunning butterflies are sure to please anyone with an eye for style and beauty. Colorful butterfly wings, designed from real Monarch Butterflies are artfully arranged and presented for your special events. They are great for Wedding/Bridal shower keepsakes & Party favors. We customize them with your favorite colors

These elegant butterflies are an ideal & excellent choice as a memorable gift.  The colorful butterfly wings create intruiging geometric shapes. Thecamazing appearance of stained glass is brilliantly vibrant. These lovely butterflies are sure to please both adults and children alike. A perfect gift for your special event.

   tbox.jpg  Box only      tgiftwrap.jpg  Giftwrap       

Box size: 5"w x 3.5"d x 1.25" h

Each Butterfly is attractivly presented in a clear gift box.  If you like a more impressive presentation, "Giftwrap" is also availabe for you. Each butterfly is placed in a long sleeve bag with elegant ribbons shown in a photo on the right.     

Butterfly:    Box only $5.95 each.  Giftwrap $6.95 each.     inquiry/order

*Free Wedding Announcement, Happy Birthday + name Custom Messages (Thank you, Congratulations, etc) can be printed on a label and placed on the back of "Butterfly" board.    



---- Real Butterflies & Conservation ----

 tbutterfly1.jpg   tbutterfly2.jpg   ttiger.jpg   tbutterfly3.jpg  

Over the years, Max chose to plant flowers that provide food for butterflies (such as, BUDDLEIA). Monarchs kept coming everyday, and various butterflies visited throughout the season.  The garden becomes more butterfly friendly and occasionally, even humming birds fly by !

 tmonarch3.jpg  tmonarch5.jpg  tmonarch.jpg

Monarch butterflies visited until beginning of November, before they migrated back to the South (Mexico). We saw over 20 Monarchs flying over plants all day long. What an amazing & spectacular view! It looks just like a "Fountain of butterflies" 



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