Sea Shells

Various sea shells - made of sugar - in different shapes, colors & sizes are perfect item to enhance Ocean theam weddings & parties.

tseashells2.jpg   tseashells3.jpg    tseashells1.jpg    tseashell.jpg

Sea shells: Various colors & sizes    right: Large shell     Great way to decorate Wedding cake & dessert plate.


---- Wedding keepsake & Party favors ----

Look a little closer at these beautiful sea shells and you will see why it is such an eye catcher. This elegant, realistically detailed sea shells are ideal choice for your next special event. They immediately capture the attention of anyone entering a room where they are presented.

tpop.jpg   tseashellpk.jpg  in a gift box with ribbons. Box size: 2" x 2" x 2" cube

Sea shell lollipop: $1.95 each.      Shells for cake decoration: small-large $2.45 - $4.95  each

Sea shells for keepsakes: Box only $2.95 each    Giftwrap $3.95 each         inquiry/order


---- 3 Shells on beach  ----

tsugarbeach3.jpg  tsugarbeach1.jpg  tsugarbeach4.jpg    tsugarbeachpk.jpg 

 Left 3: Beach sand background.       Right: in a gift box

Beach is a great place to feel refreshing ocean breeze, hear the sounds of waves, and picking up sea shells. Colorful 3 sea shells are placed on a thin sheet of sugar. As you can see it, it has various wave paterns in different colors, as if you are standing on a sandy sugar beach.

 *Free Wedding Announcement, Happy Birthday + name, Custom Messages (Thank you, Congratulations, etc) can be printed on a label.

3 sea shells on beach: Box only $6.95 each   Giftwrap $7.95 each       inquiry/order

---- Shells on ocean floor ----

tundersea1.jpg  tundersea2.jpg  tundersea3.jpg    tunderseapk.jpg 

Left 3: Amber, Red, & Blue Anchor        Right: in a gift box  Box size: 3.5"w x 3.5"d x 4"h

Imagine that you are swimming ocean bottom and looking for something exciting to find. A glass like anchor is surrounded by colorful sea weed & sea shells. There will be no identical pieces are made because so many different sea shells, combinations are endless.

They are excellent & ideal novelty for your special occasion. Especially, since it's elegant appearance is distinctively unique.

Shells on ocean floor: $9.95 each in a gift box. *delivery only      inquiry/order


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