Custom orders   

Every custom order is unique and yet challenging to create.  Upon receiving the information from our customer, Max adds his creativity to make it even more appealing & surprising. Each display is made of hard candy (crystalized sugar), food colors, flavorings and minimum supportive mateirals (such as a base board). Often used for cake top decorations, or a standing on display for your special event to add a dramatic presentation.  


 1. Ski   size: 16" h x 8" dia.   One customer requested a pair of ski display on her son's birthday cake. She chose the color, style and make of the ski that are the birthday boy's favorite. Max thought if they were placed angled as if sliding down the snow slope, that would give a sense of speed. It also added great height to the cake. Max did not know that his mother bought an actual ski set for her son as a bithday present afterword.


2. Ski Lodge size: 12" w x 12" d x 14" h.   With the  holiday season is approaching in December, it is the time for charity organizatons to hold fundraising events. It was for a Gingerbread House Contest, that Max was asked if he could make a ski lodge out of sugar (hard candy) because the organizers thought it would be more interesting. A small lodge, surround by icicles, with a snowman & skis at the front. The entire display was placed on the square mirror. 


3. Golf course size: 18" w x 13" d x 5" h.   A customer wanted a golf course on a birthday sheet cake.  Here Connecticut offers great forest & ocean views, therefore Max thought it would be more interesting to make a course on the island. Can you will see a yellow flag, far right where green is located ? A course like this could be a real challenge for golf enthusiasts, no? 


4. Castle  8 separate pices. size: 12" h for the tallest. A picture was given to Max that showed a wedding cake decorated with several pieces of a castle. A client wanted exact identical pieces to appear just like glass. The Middle 4 pieces were placed on a circle base together, and went on top of the wedding cake, instead of flowers or bride/groom figures. Thr rest of the pieces were arranged on the side of the cake. We hope their kingdom will last forever.


5. Beach Couple  9" h x 6" dia  A client waned to put something very unique on top of their wedding cake to make it more memorable. She discribed what every single detail should look like, including colors of the beach parasol, and even the jacket & pants that the groom wore. It was challenging work, because all the elements must fit on a 6" diameter of the top tier of the wedding cake. Someone said, "The Groom looks like Tom Cruise" !


6. Kissing Fish size: 8" dia x 10" h  This was an oceanic theme display for the engagement party. Max was told that the young couple loves scuva diving. In addition to this, most inportantly, the client requested that the kissing fish must be there with other aquatic life. He added several seashells to add colorful underwater scenery.


7. Gingerbread House size: 12" w x 12" d x 14" h  This one was for another Gingerbread House Contest. As you can see, icicles surround the house, and a snowman is at the foot of steps. There are 2 swans kissing in a small pond under the window and logs are stacked up nearby. Can you see a wreath at the door and a Christmas tree inside the house through the window?

tweddingcaketop1.jpg    tweddingcaketop2.jpg

8. Ribbon & Flowers - Wedding cake top size: 10" dia x 6" h   A client wanted a display of a flower bouquet with a large ribbon for the wedding cake top. She wanted various shapes & sizes of flowers mostly red, pink, & lavender and a large purple ribbon. Left photo was from front view and right photo was from the opposite side. In this photo, the flower display was placed using only the top tier of the wedding cake (actual wedding cake was 3 tiers).  


9. Bishop's hat size: 4" dia x 8" h.  A friend of Max's asked him to make a bishop's hat. He planned to have a retirement / farewell party for the bishop in the church where he worked. He wanted it as a keepsake for the bishop, after he presented it on the cake. This is a picture of the hat, in a clear plastic gift box. Thank you for your service!


10. Tower of the cards size: 6" dia x 14" h.  A lady asked Max to make a special display for on top of the birthday cake for her husband. She did not have any particular ideas, but mentioned that he liked to play cards. Max made several thin white cards (hard candy) that he hand painted and stacked up like a tower.  He also added symbols (Spade, Heart, etc) on the cards around the tower to make it look more - let's say - one of the kind!


11. Green  Monkey: size 9" h x 4.5"dia.  One customer wanted a green monkey on a tree holding a message plate says "I love you". Max made exactly what she designed, except suggesting to her that a heart shaped message plate might be more appealing. Many folks asked why the monkey is green? To this day, the mystery of the green monkey is unsolved.


12. Bugs: size 14" h x 10" dia. Someone wanted a display of bugs for his son's birthday. It is always amazing to know that people want so many different things for their special occasions. As matter of fact that this display turned out to appear so realistic that even Max thought it was a little spooky. Max learned later that boy was quite happy because these bugs did not sting, and tasted sweet.


13. Sun Flower: size 10" dia. A client wanted a large sunflower to cover an entire birthday cake. It could be an actual size of a sunflower, and this one turned out to be very realistic looking. Each petal was individually shaped and placed around seeds head. It was time consuming but the result was well worth the effort. Sorry, you can not feed these seeds to birds after the party, they are candies.


14. Skate Board: size 18" w x 10" h. A mother wanted her son's favorite skate board to be made and displayed on his birthday cake. She intended to keep the display afterword so that it was placed on the cardboard for easy handling. It was quite challenging to hand paint the skelton head and lettering on the board. Caution, skate boarding can be deadly!


15. Bridge  10" h x 12" w x 10 d. If you travel to New York City, you can find yourself crossing one of many bridges, because Manhattan is after all, an island. A client wanted a bridge on their birthday cake. Max put a image of the bridge from a summer scenes of the Hudson river with yachts floating nearby.


16. Easter size: 12" dia x 20" h  When Easter arrives, colorful flowers appear, and we enjoy seeing signs of spring here and there. Someone wanted an Easter theme display for the party instead of chocolate. Sugar is the best material to show off as many colors as possible. So making an Easter display is quite exciting. An egg on the top and 3 eggs in red, yellow, blue are bottom surrounded by calalilies and colorful tulips. Can you see a mini bunny & tulips are nested in a egg?


 17. Polar Bear  9" h x 4.5" dia A lady wanted to show her love to someone special with a Polar bear. We came up with a simple & straightforward idea of a Polar bear holding a heart saying "I love you". Behind the pink heart, the polar bear is sitting on a chunk of ice that floats on blue icy water.


18. An ant and watermelon size: 8" w x 8" h.  A customer presented an invitation card which showed an illustration of an ant and watermelon.  She wanted that exact design  to be made out of hard candy and planned to put it on the cake. At the party, to show off matching display from invitation cards is quite a cool idea, isn't it?


 19. Ocean floor   size: 12" h x 10" dia Ocean themed parties & weddings are popular here in Connecticut. We are frequently asked to make ocean displays. Colorful seaweed is the background, with several seashells and a red hot starfish in front. 


20. Winebottle, Cheese, & Grapes size: 8" dia x 14" h (wine bottle)  This one is one of Max's favorite displays he had made. A client wanted special birthday display for her husband. She discribed a 'what he likes to have in the evening' table. The wine label was hand painted, with a special greeting as client wished, "Ageless Nate'. Round marble stone at the base, was made of rolled fondant, and rest of the items including wine cork were all made of hard sugar. Have a sweet evening!


21. Black Bear size: 8" dia x 6" h  Max was given a couple of photos of a Black bear sculpture that sit on the rock by the pond in the garden of Pepsi Co's world headquater. Throughout the garden, there are over dozens of sculptures made by famous artists, some are life like human figures and some are so huge & several stories high. The Black bear is one of few that Max made it out of sugar. It turned out looking like made out of chocolate.


22. Dragon size: 4.5" dia x 8" h   A lady asked Max to make a Dragon for her boy friend as a surprise gift. You might have thought that Max would suggest her that the dragon to carry a heart shaped sugar with "I love you" on it? You guessed it wrong. Not this time. Instead, he placed a large sphere and some crystals with dragon. If you know this web page well, you guessed it right that the sphere will illuminate from inside and changing in the cycle of rainbow colors, What a magical & mysterial touch! 


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