Origami Sugar Crane for Party Attraction


Origami Sugar Crane is an excellent & ideal choice for your special events. It's elgant and graceful appearance is distinctively unique and everyone enjoy seeing how it is made!

               ----- Party attraction / Demonstration -----

As you may know, Origami has been the traditional art of paper craft in Japan for centuries. Among thousands of figures created by the origami paper, the Origami Crane is the most widely renowned fold throughout the world as the symbol of "Peace, Wellness, Fortune and Prosperity". 

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Origami sugar crane

 Design your own Origami Sugar Crane!

When colored sugar is used in place of paper, the finished crane has a totally different look without losing its traditional shape. The 6 colors of sugar are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Clear & Black.

The sugar crane's beautiful appearance is reminiscent of crystal / stained glass.  The most amazing part of this modern & artistic rendition is that when using various colored sugar, you can design your own custom colored crane! The choice of your colors will result in each crane with its own unique appearance. 

 Add excitement to your special events !

At your next special event, we can customize a crane as you choose your favorite color for each part of the crane. You will see your own crane with your favorite colors.  It is made right in front of your eyes. It is a fun & great way to impress your guests in an innovative way. Do not miss this - one of a kind - live performance, book early to ensure availability for your events.  Birthday party, V.I.P party or Weddings, etc.

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Custom made sugar cranes in just minutes.  

      Over 7,700 color combinations of completed cranes !   Virtually no identical cranes beacuse everyone has different color tastes. It is quite an exciting attraction to see how a colorful crane can be made by other guests. 

           Custom favors & live attraction in one price !

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In a gift box: size 3.5"w x 3.5"d x 4"h.  

In addtion, you can choose Gold or Silver foil base (as seen on left photo above) for the crane, then your crane is placed in a gift box to go! It is a great event keepsake for lasting memories.

 Custom keepsakes & Live attraction in one affordable price !  

We will customize a beautiful keepsake, made of hard candy, right in front of each guest. As a live entertainment, we make a custom keepsake for each guest per their individual preference right before their eyes ! Then each custom creation is placed in a gift box to take it home. What a novel way to impress your guests! Do not miss this one of a kind interactive live performance, book early to ensure availability for your event.

Origami Crane party attraction: $495.00 Prices are based on 100 persons / 3 hours. Plus tax & travel fees. Please contact us for more details.       inquiry/order


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