Max Kitano is an artist specializing in hand-crafted sugar creations.  His sugar works are very original & unique. At a glance, their appearance is reminiscent of stained/crystal glass with prismatic reflections. Amazingly, they are made entirely of sugar - hard candy - undetectable as sugar until discovery ! 



----- Original Sugar creations -----

    Yellow & Red Butterfly for Wedding Cake    tbluewings.jpg 

  Butterfly for Wedding Cake, Origami Sugar Crane for party attraction/live demonstration.


     Fortune Cookie Candy sample presentation    tboxes.jpg 

       Fortune Cookie Candy and Japanese Kanji Letter  keepsakes.




     3 Sugar made Easter Eggs  Sugarmade Mini Bunnies and Tulips

     Sugar made Tulips 

 Bi-colored Butterfly Lollipops  Green Easter Egg Lollipop

For Spring: Sugarmade Easter Eggs, Bunny Mini Display, Sugarmade Tulips in the pot, Butterfly Lollipops, & Easter Egg Lollipops.



----- Custom orders / Centerpiece -----

  Castle made of crystallized sugar for wedding cake decoration   ski cake top made of crystallized sugar  Polar Bear made of crystallized sugar   


          Sugar made creations :  Castle wedding cake decoration, Ski cake top, Polar Bear gift and Gingerbread House showpiece.




 ----- Creations made of casting resin -----

    Max also uses casting resin (nonedible) for breakproof & permanet display for Custom Origami Cranes.

     tgreenwings.jpg  tcake2.jpg  t3box1.jpg

from left:  Custom Origami Crane, Wedding Cake Top, and Mini Crane Keepsakes



----- Sugar Garniture for Dessert Presentation ----

A Holly Leaf made of edible sugar 

Simple and elegant. Sugar Garniture adds a great presentation to your Holiday dessert instantly.




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