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Max Kitano is an Artist using edible sugar to make one of kind & original creations for your special event.

His sugar works are very original & unique. At a glance, their appearance is reminiscent of crystal/stained glass with prismatic reflection. Amazingly, they are made entirely of sugar - hard candy - undetectable as sugar until discovery! 


Fancy Brooch: Elegant cake embellishment for your special event. 

Sugar Diamonds:  Realistic appearance of clear sugar diamond.

Cake Butterfly: Colorful sugar butterfly for wedding cakes.  

Fortune Cookie Candy: They are Fortune Cookie made of sugar!

Origami Sugar Crane Demonstration / Party Attraction:
Multi Colored Origami Crane made of Sugar. 

Custom Origami Crane: Made of Casting Resin for a perfect gift!

Custom Origami Cranes - Wedding Cake Top:
Each Crane represents Bride & Groom for your special day!